Sofia Winghamre Photography


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Mallorca wedding photographer

Hey! I´m Sofia. I work as a photographer on Mallorca.

I love to photograph everything from weddings, yachts, real estate and portraits. 

After several years of sailing, I finally managed to settled down on the sunny mediterranean island Mallorca, where I started my photography business and had a baby!

The craving for adventure still run strong and I love when my camera takes me out to meet new people and seeing new places. Everyday as a photographer is different and I love to wake up not knowing what the day will have to offer.

Working as a wedding photographer, I get to meet loads of people, in beautiful settings, during one of the most important day of their lives and the whole day is about love!

My passion for sailing and the ocean makes yacht photography a great combination, I get to go sailing with my camera.

Not to mention portrait photography  which makes me meet so many different and interesting people. I love showing others how I see them and the world, there is so much beauty.

Please contact me to book your photography session!