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Sofia Winghamre Photography

I like to capture moments of people who are in love, like to have fun and enjoy life.

Because some moments should last a lifetime

Sofia Winghamre Photographer in Mallorca

Hey! I’m Sofia.

I’m a world traveller, an accomplished sailor, a lifelong learner, a visual artist, and a mother.

So I know how a moment in time, that lasts no longer than the blink of an eye, can be life-changing. I know how important it is to remember the beautiful seconds… and I know to always have my camera, because when you can capture those memories, you have them to relive again and again.


It’s like catching lightning in a bottle, and it’s my passion.

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As a creative, passionate, professional photographer based on the beautiful island of Mallorca, I am happy to work locally, across the Balearic Islands or even abroad as part of your wedding team, tailoring my service to be as unique as you are.

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