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Having grown up in Sweden, I decided when I turned 20 that it was time to see a bit of the world.

I flew the coup, and set sail to start working on yachts.

Ten years later I had circumnavigated the globe, raced in regattas, and done a bunch of ocean crossings to boot.

Sailing took me to Mallorca, my heart’s home.

It’s a beautiful island, and I’m reminded every day of how fortunate I am to live and work here.

Having dropped anchor in Mallorca and hung up my sailing shoes, I had time to pursue my childhood passion: photography.


I’m still an adventure-junky at heart and my favourite days are the ones when my camera leads me to meet new people and explore new places.

Luckily, that’s almost every day: every day as a photographer is different, and I love waking up wondering what the day will bring.


I photograph everything - from babies to super yachts, real estate to weddings, take a look at my gallery to get a feel for my vision, and the variety that keeps me waking up smiling, every day.


Now that you’ve stopped by my homepage, take the next step and contact me.


I’d love to hear from you.




A little more about me...

Blue is my favourite colour

I love animals, so I try to avoid eating them

I love summer and sunshine

I am from Orust, a small island in Sweden

I have sailed around the world

Eating is one of my favourite past times

my favourite food is crêpes and strawberries

I love swimming

I believe in mother nature

I like to think of myself as a hippy

I run

I'm shy

Travelling makes me feel alive

I read a ton of books

I love sailing and to be at sea

I got a crush on Slash from Guns and Roses

I'm funny enough to crack myself up every day....




I love showing people how I see them and the world, there is so much beauty and love to share.

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