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5 tips on how to have a stress free wedding day...

Most of my clients (hopefully) only ever experience one wedding day, however I am lucky enough to attend quite a few. As a wedding photographer I get to witness others wedding days up close and personally, they involve laughter, love, fun, tears and sometimes stress. The latter which is not always a great thing... Unfortunately I cannot give you the perfect answer on how to guarantee zero stress, maybe it is the commitment itself that stresses you out? Your new in-laws? The weather forecast? However, I can provide you with a few tips on how to make it easier from my point of view.

1; Be yourself

This is a golden rule for life in general. I adore people who are brave enough to be themselves no matter what that might be. Don't be shy, all your friends are there because they love you, you are marrying the love of your life and your family have no choice, they have to love you.. =) So go ahead and enjoy your day!

2; About the weather...

Mallorca is a beautiful destination for your wedding day, we can boast about having 300 days of sunshine a year. However, sometimes they do happen, those rainy days. A lot of rain showers clear up as quickly as they come, plus a cloudy day make your wedding photos way more dramatic and interesting! Have a chat with your venue or wedding planner about a plan B, they normally always have a genius option to eliminate your stress about a rainy dinner.

3; Don't spend too much time on the photographs

Yes, this is coming from me, the wedding photographer!! Don't get me wrong, I could spend hours photographing the beautiful couple on their wedding day in different venues, positions, lights... If you chat with your photographer before hand and make a plan, such as a list of the group photos you would like, it will be much faster to organise on the day and instead you have more free time to enjoy yourself.

4; Perfection doesn't exist

Embrace the Japanees saying Wabi- Sabi. The perfection of imperfection. Perfection does not exist , if that what you try to achieve you might be disappointed. Learn to see the beauty in the imperfections instead. Did the 3 year old flower girl run the wrong direction down the aisle? Did your mum cry loudly through out the whole ceremony? Did Karen steal the microphone to do karaoke? All of these unplanned things are what make your day unique and are what you will look back at and enjoy the most.

5; Hire a photographer!!

Yes, I come from a slightly biased angle here... but it is the only thing you will be able to keep from your wedding day, the memories... (well, and a spouse I suppose) make sure you have your day documented, it makes such a nice memory to look back at during your coming years together.

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