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Stylish beach club wedding in Mallorca

Mallorca wedding photographer

This stylish wedding was held in Mood Beach Club, Mallorca.

The bride and groom are from Scotland and brought 150 strong following. The wedding guests were all delighted to be making the trip down to participate in the wedding festivities. As almost always in Mallorca, the weather was fine and set the scene for a beautiful day.

The bride and groom had not planned it, but their outfits matched perfectly with light blues and white. There was however a noted absence of kilts! This in no way took away from the Scottish Craic and natural style of the wedding. Young and old took to the dance floor to watch the official first dance shortly after sunset. Once tradition allowed, everyone was on the floor and bopping to the beat of the overjoyed couple!

Mood beach club makes a fantastic venue for a wedding. It is located right next to Portals Nous, one of the most sought after marinas in the Mediterranean with private yachts, shops and restaurants. Mood Beach Club is overhanging the turquoise ocean and has spectacular views, great food, and a stylish vibe!

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