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A new woman leader making waves in Mallorca web design !

How a simple photo shoot became the start of a really great business partnership with WisecupMedia

~ The cobbled streets of Palma old town contrast beautifully with the brightly painted doors and blindingly white walls, and just as I peek through my viewfinder a stray cat wanders into view.

*click* Perfect.

The subject of the photo - not actually the cat - straightens up and looks at me, sheepish. She wasn’t ready for a photo, distracted as was by scratching the cat’s chin. This candid portrait has come out absolutely stunning. ~

Mallorca life style photography

This is how I met Carla Lopez.

Initially a little bit shy, she quickly relaxed and allowed me to capture some of her unstoppably optimistic energy on film. As a web designer and startup owner, Carla found me to take some shots for her own homepage. As you all know, I love variety. Because I’d recently done a yacht shoot and a few weddings, I was very excited for a little shake-up. We agreed to meet in the Santa Catalina area of Palma, and as soon as I saw her I just knew I would be able to take some great photos of her - she is naturally beautiful with a huge smile.

Portrait photographer in Mallorca

Little did I know that it would be the start of not just a solid friendship, but also some really interesting collaborations: she is a driven, motivated, fearless lady, and her mind is constantly whirring with plans and ideas.

Proof? For those of you who have noticed that my homepage is looking particularly sharp these days (why, thank you, and yes, I did get a haircut), you can thank Carla and her company, WisecupMedia, for that. Although I’m a total camera nerd, it turns out that in order to be a successful photographer in Mallorca, I needed more than just my artistic eye and my editing skills. However, I’m not a techie!

Luckily, Carla and WisecupMedia swooped in and rescued me - their full-service SEO strategy included a technically light page, visually appealing layout, and (because I’m an artist, not an English major) even help on content from the very creative Supportive Language.

Head shot photographer in Mallorca

Mallorca photographer

Portrait photography in Mallorca

How does someone who designs from behind a screen feel about having their portrait photos taken?

Well, I personally think the photos speak for themselves. Have a look!

I really think Carla was counting on the natural beauty of Mallorca being an easy win for her background, but in the end she may be the most captivating part of the shots. You can see I utilized the open shade of the building, because the flat light of the sun was a bit too much for what we wanted.

Though she may have been a little bit hesitant, it certainly doesn’t show in the photos. Great work, Carla!

Credit where credit is due

Personalities are always more visible to the camera than many people think, and I’d love to be able to help bring yours out in a professional, but relaxed, shoot. Contact me if you’re looking for portraits, or if you love my webpage, contact WisecupMedia directly! Or hey, if you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and you’d like someone to help you out on text or editing, find Julie at Supportive Language.

Mallorca portrait photographer

Photographer in Mallorca

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