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Love in the time of Covid, a modern romance! A Mallorca wedding dream...

wedding photographer in Mallorca photographing newly wedded couple


This lovely couple decided to get married no matter what, they rebelled against the current state of world crisis and chose love over fear.

The bride Kat works on Mallorca as a hair and make up artist, and she would normally be the one who is preparing other brides for their big day during a Malorca wedding. On this particular day she managed to balance being a new mum as well as getting herself ready for her own wedding day, and she looked like a 1950 Hollywood star, total glam!

The Mallorca wedding venue was a place outside in the hills of a little quaint village, Esporles, It was February and the previous week the rain had been pouring down, however on this day we had sunshine and a feeling of spring was in the air. I love photographing weddings in Mallorca, the weather usually obeys. I believe that if we choose love, everything will sort itself out.

And so it did! They managed to get married, the sun was shining, the love was in the air and I think they all give us hope that better times are on the horizon!

Here are a few of the photos I took from the wedding, to share with you this beautiful day.

Mallorca wedding photographer, lose up photo of the wedding ring

Wedding details photographed, a little bunny toy in the grooms shoes

Preparations at home before the wedding day in Mallorca

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Wedding shoes photographed before the ceremony in Mallorca

Bride photographed getting ready before her wedding day in Mallorca

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Spring wedding photographed in Mallorca

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Wedding photographers in Mallorca

Wedding photography in Mallorca


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