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Come with me and visit Sri Lanka!

The next asian favorit for must be Sri Lanka, I feel like it is on everyone's mind at the moment. Myself and my best friend went to check it out and we had a experience that was over expectations!

With two weeks of travel we decided to do the first week in the north and the jungle, we went hiking up. the Lion Rock to watch the sunset, found a rasta bar in the jungle, went to a spa and had green junk poured in our hair, saw wild elephants roam in the dusk and had a incredible stay in a sustainable tea plantation outside Ella called Amba Estate.

Here is a few photos from our fist week, enjoy!

The week after, we hit the beach! Sri Lanka has so many beautiful bays with tropical beaches to choose from, its possible to find everything from undiscovered corners to very surf beaches.

Watching the surf for a few hours I decided, that this was my moment, I had to try it. The waves are long and soft, the botom is just sand, so it I s an ideal place if your just starting of. I will have to recommend this to everyone!!!! I had no idea that surfing was so much fun!!! I found myself doing whooping noises as I managed to get up on the board! I brought my Fuji Camera and a 35 mm lens to capture some travel photography for you.

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