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Dreamy Mallorca wedding in stunning venue

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The bride and groom photographed on their wedding day in Mallorca


It is a cold winter day in Mallorca and I am looking through the photos of last summer, only to rediscover this beautiful couple who got married in Finca Comassema. I loved photographing them and looking back at the day still makes me smile. There was a wonderful energy during their day, it was fun, full of love and excitement in the air.

The lovely Annika from Blush as there with us in the morning to do the hair and makeup for the bride and her bridesmaids.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful courtyard off the finca by the Swedish Church

As the day went on the champagne flowed, delicious food was enjoyed by all and the party danced into the beautiful summer night. Mallorca really does make a great setting for a wedding!


The wedding venue, table setting being prepared

Mallorca venue ready for a wedding ceremoni
The bride on her wedding day getting the flowers de
the wedding dress waiting to be used
Beautiful wedding bouquet in Mallorca

The bride and her wedding dress

beautiful details of the wedding band
last minute touch up of the groom before creating the wedding guests
Bride maid working on her speech
Grooms jackets ready to be used

The wedding dress being buttoned up
The beautiful bride on her wedding day

Welcoming to the wedding ceremony!
The bride ready to walk down the aisle
The groom watching his bride coming down the aisle
the bride and her father walking down the aisle

Wedding ceremony photographed in Mallorca

Saying "I do", in Mallorca

Mallorca wedding photographer

The Kiss photographed at the wedding ceremony in Mallorca

Newly wed, photographed in Mallorca
Mallorca wedding photography
Mallorca wedding photographer

Romantic finca wedding in Mallorca
Bride and groom photographed in Mallorca

Wedding venue photographed in Mallorca

Cheers to the bride and groom!

Beautiful Mallorca wedding venue
The bride photographed with her guests
the wedding dinner ready for its guests

Wedding day in Mallorca
wedding details photographed in Mallorca

The most amazing tree to have a wedding under!
Beautiful wedding venue in Mallorca

Mallorca wedding photography

Wedding night, photographed in Mallorca

The wedding party is kicking off!
I love fairy lights as wedding decorations

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