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How to be comfortable while getting your photograph taken....

Most of the people I meet start the conversation with " I am awful on photos, it makes me feel uncomfortable to be on camera". As a shy person I can totally relate to this. I dislike getting my photograph taken as much as the rest of you. Until recently, when I finally managed to get the magic solution. Relax. Thats all you need to do! You don't even need to smile if you don't feel like it!! Some of the best photographs are when the person is just completely themselves and just relax a little. Okay then I don't say relax as you do on the sofa at home, don't sit in a slouch position pick your nose and...

The rest is really up to the photographer. When you pick your photographer hopefully you can have a little chat before, to let them know what you are looking to get out of your photographs. In this blog there are a few examples, photographs of two siblings, pregnancy bump, a chef for work purposes, a public speaker and a cute little baby boy.

What ever your reason is for your photographs the photographer should be the one responsible for a good location, the time of the day, maybe some suggestions on what to wear and that the light is right.

And hopefully, as I like to think of myself as quite a funny character, I can also make you smile a little... =)

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