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Lucky #13


We are in the midst of the darker part of the year, let´s make the most of it and brighten it up by visiting one of Palma´s hottest bars. Bar #13 PMI is located in one of Palma de Mallorca´s old alleyways, easy to miss and only available to a the chosen ones who have the code to get in. Wether it was chance,luck or fate... I photographed the bar on Friday the 13th. We enjoyed a pop up chef, serving gastronomic delights to their guests, as well as offering entertainment from two talented Jazz musicians.

The atmosphere is relaxed, funky and warm. The staff are all very friendly and added their own personal touch to the night. The decor is very cool but aslo relaxed with comfortable, candle lit sofas.

It is well worth a visit, sit down, relax, have a drink, enjoy the atmosphere. Here are a few photos to put you in the mood...

Mallorca Photographer
Interior photography in Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca Photography
Details Photographed in Mallorca
Candle light bar, Palma de Mallorca

Drinks photographed
Shaking it! Bartender photographed in Palma de Mallorca
Mallorca phoptography
Photographers in Mallorca

Mallorcas bar life photographed on Friday the 13th
Mallorca photohgrapher
Bar photography in Palma de Mallorca

Floating drink, photographed on a night out in Palma

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