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This is why Instagram is my favourite app

Photographer Mallorca

When I was younger I studied photography in school, I am really showing my age here, but back in those days photographs meant handling film. There was a lot of time spent hanging around in a darkroom and you had to be careful with each and every picture you took because you only had 36.

It was a long time in-between and so many things had changed, I was also travelling long and light, I didn't have my own computer nor could I afford one of those big snazzy cameras. For these reasons I hesitated before picking up my photography again.

Then, unexpectedly, the camera fought it`s way into my life.

Being a hippy at heart, it hurt my soul to give in and buy a smart phone. After years of travelling, I was happily accustomed to a life with out a phone- much to my family annoyance. (sorry mum!)

Eventually though, it happened and I joined the revolution of smart phones.

My slight phone phobia means I rarely phone anyone, and hardly answers when someone phones me.

But one positive gift came with getting a smart phone. It meant I had a camera with me everywhere I went.

Instagram was one of the first apps that I downloaded and it was love at first sight.

It´s all about photos.

It helped me to start seeing the beauty in everyday moments. To capture the uniqueness and miracles of an average day. All of a sudden, I looked up and noticed the world and focused in on the beauty right infront of me.

My love for capturing the moments had returned.

This was my first step toward picking up my "real" camera again.

If you haven't tried Instagram yet, do it! You can choose to be completely private or to share your photos publicly. It comes with a range of tweaks and "filters" that allows your creative side grow.

Here is a small collection on my Instagram photos, if you want to see more, follow me on Instagram@sofiawinghamre

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